We are here and we would say to you today that not only have you been picking your way through the various levels and stages of your existence to get to where you are today – but that this is the highest point of your ascension in your human history. Not only have you done this, but you are climbing higher still to activate a part of yourselves long dormant. That part which is an other dimensional you. That part which is connected to things outside of the standard Earth reality.

You can now look back and realize that you have ways of being – gifts as you call them – which you did not have access to before. And all it took was your own belief (and a little confirmation from others going through similar states).

Now we would tell you there is much more to come. You will activate ways of being that far exceed your expectations as to how “good” it can get.  We tell you this because we know how much you enjoy having something to look forward to. We know you like knowing there is more beauty and fantastic experience coming.

So, continue to look backward for the purpose of seeing how far you’ve come and what gifts you have embodied. And then get excited, if you wish, that there are exponentially more amazing experiences to come. It is happening now for many and this continues to expand every moment.

We so much enjoy getting to experience, through you, this amazing awakening and ascension happening now on your planet.

And we thank you.

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