Today we have much to share with you about things going on in your world and things going on in your awareness. But mostly, we wish to share that it is you creating the new experiences, allowing the new experiences that you would perceive as negative. But we wish to tell you that when you experience this density so strongly it is because you have been awakened to a lighter feeling – a feeling of much less density. And it is when you – not precisely descend back into density – but when you re-experience this heavier density, which used to be normal to you – it no longer feels normal. It feels heavy. You feel very sluggish, very tired. And so, we would share some tools that you can use to shrug off the feeling of density that used to be normal for you but now feels so different – not normal any longer.

And one of these tools we have been sharing with Amanda all morning is humor, comedy, things that make you laugh. You can tell that when something is very funny to you and you laugh out loud, your whole being feels lighter. You shift into a state of feeling all things good. When you are in the process of laughing there is no negative polarity is there? It is similar to the feeling of falling in love, however, even the feeling of falling in love can contain some negative polarity. And so, laughter truly does raise your state, heals, from – you would call it – your soul or your light body. It starts there in your physical body. It, for lack of a better term, spreads outward into the physical and it extends past your body. It influences others.

So, when you want to stop feeling the density so strongly, watch or listen to something that makes you laugh. We would only stipulate that it not be… Well, we will not put stipulations. You watch or listen to things that make you laugh, that raise your vibration and that make you feel good. And that in turn will influence others around you. Because when you are in a happy, relaxed, joyful state, others will see that as an example. And some will want to know what it is you do to feel so happy all the time. That is just one option. One tool so to speak to stop feeling so heavy and not feel the negative polarity quite so much.

Another is to create in whatever way brings you joy. For some this is art, creating works of art. For some this is creating writings, for some this is being in nature – you are creating a feeling, you are creating an experience. We would say anything that makes you forget the rest of the world. Anything that takes your focus and brings you joy in the doing of it. Painting, music, writing, art, nature, exercise. We have said many times doing more things that you find joyfull, that you do and forget the time that is passing, those are the things that help you stay in the space that you seem to enjoy so much of forgetting – at least for a time – the negative polarity, and being in the space that you now enjoy more and wish to be your new normal.

And lastly, we would like to remind you that because you can notice now that you do feel heavier, that you do notice that things are not perhaps as you would wish them, is proof that you have been in a place that is better – or else you would not be able to compare the two (or that you perceive as better). So, be in joy that you have attained these states of so much better feeling that you now recognize what used to be your everyday normal. And as you recognize this and as you spend more time focusing on laughter and the things you enjoy, and the people you enjoy spending time with, being near, the more this will expand. The more of the things and the feelings you wish to experience will expand.

And you will notice a coming together of more and more of those who share your views, who share your experiences perhaps. Who share your outlook on life. If this is new for you, this is further proof that things are shifting for you. And they will not shift for everyone at the same time. And there is no need to worry or prompt anyone to shift. Set the example. Have as much joy and light feeling in your experience as you can, as you wish to have, and others will see. They will research for themselves. They will come across the things they need to come across at the right time for them. And if they do not understand right now, hold the space for them. You have been there yourself. They will get there or not – and either way it is perfect.

And so, go and laugh today. We wish we could tell you a joke, but we cannot think of one. Have a beautiful day and connect in with us for yourself. We have much to share if you wish it. And we thank you for expanding all the worlds, all the times.

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