Our Dear Family,

We are sending you this message through space and time to help you navigate the next few years. From our perspective, you have had the most difficult tasks. We are so grateful to you for your service to humanity and the future of Earth.

Know that you have succeeded. Know that what you consider your everyday mundane lives are anything but. You are piloting through an era of change and improvement. 

We realize it doesn’t look like improvement at the moment you are in. But we wanted to let you know that things do improve. And they improve for all.

We have been asked to tell you what you most need to know right now. We have decided that you most need to know that no matter how bleak it looks right now, you get through it. And not only do you get through it, but you also make amazing changes from the chaos in which you are living.

Here is what you have to look forward to:

  • A new medical system that is not only streamlined but takes into account the healthcare workers’ health (including mental health) 
  • Improved strategies for healing
  • Improved technology for healing
  • Holistic approaches 
  • Merged healthcare sectors rather than sending a patient here for one thing and there for another
  • Improved economic systems 
  • A more equitable currency system for all 
  • Faster transportation of goods 
  • Fresher foods in more abundance
  • New farming techniques
  • New ways of “working” that allow for flexibility and time to relax

In short, there will be less stress, more cooperation, and less anger all around. Obviously, we cannot share all of the details as that would detract from those who are in the process of “inventing” or reimagining things as part of their life plan.

But we thought it would help you to know that better things are always in the process of unfolding. If you focus on that, it will be so much easier to get through the rough times you are in. And in addition, those of you who are in the process of suggesting or making these changes will not feel so defeated in your attempts to bring about change.

We hope this helps you. You are the wayshowers who have shined a light and made our world a much better place to live in.

Thank you all.

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