Dear Ones,

We can see that you are often involved with ways of being you do not prefer. We wish to give you some guidance around this issue.

Firstly, when you are in a situation that does not bring you joy it can be for one of two reasons. One would be that you have chosen this as a “trial” or “task” to overcome or experience in this life. There are many reasons for choosing such a task.

The second reason is that you are not in alignment with who you really are. We mean that you are operating from a position of learned behavior rather than reaching for your highest, greatest dimensional aspects where you know that all is love.

We, and other groups, often give the advice to “go within”. We are suggesting this because when you go within you connect to these higher dimensional aspects of yourself in which you not only have the answers you seek, but you also connect to the feeling of oneness, completeness, and the unconditional love that you really are. The more you connect with these, the more you bring your true essence onto the planet, and the quicker the planet ascends because of your true being.

And so, we recommend you make a daily practice of connecting to that true self. Not only will it bring you the answers for your physical existence, but we think it will make you feel better about yourselves in the process. And we wish for you to know yourselves as we know you: as a part of us.

And we thank you.

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