I was channeling a special birthday message for a friend yesterday, and I thought the message applied to me as well. I think a lot of people will resonate with it, so I’m posting the transcript here. The youtube audio is below.


We are here and knowing this is a gift you both will enjoy. We are here in part to impart what you want to know about how things are going and about how things are going to be.

Steven, you are on a path and a plan of your own choosing manifested by you in the way that you want in every moment and you can see this. And you can see how your choices impact your emotions. And those emotions are neither good nor bad. They are. And as a human you cannot help but experience things emotionally. Some things more than others. And so we would like to say that everyone on this planet is behaving very badly toward themselves when they punish themselves for feeling. That is part of this experience. If you did not want to feel, you would not be here.

And so we would say since you do have emotions, use them to be kind to yourself. Your core self is the thing that matters. Your physical self and your experiences also matter. However, you all place too much importance on the reflection. The reflection being all of those things that you see and experience around you. When you go within and you get in touch with your true self, you know that you have value, that you are loved beyond measure, and that you love beyond measure. And that when you connect with every other consciousness at that level, the reflection isn’t representative of the truth. And therefore, love on without that reflection being your gage as to that love. You cannot gage real love by what your filter sees, understands, and feels. You can always only gage that love by going to your core true self and gage that love at that level. The reflection distorts.

Your task at present is to let the reflection fall away and see what is more substantial. What is more equal to you. The real you, not the construct of you that has been created over this entire lifetime and other lifetimes and other interactions and other people’s interactions. All of you are working on seeing that the outer physical world is not reflective of who you really are. This can become discordant and unpleasant at times.

It is like sitting down to paint a masterpiece you can see in your mind and not being able to translate that onto the canvas. It looks like a jumbled mess. But you know the truth. You hold the truth at your core and you become frustrated when you cannot manifest it in the world you live in and you cannot see it reflected in your actions. But we promise you that masterpiece that you see in your minds eye, that is the truth. And eventually you will reach a state where you do not have to use any tools to make the masterpiece in your mind’s eye a reality in your outer world.

Hold your vision, hold it steady. It is the truth. What is being reflected currently is the jumbled mess of everyone trying to project their vision onto the physical reality. You are not yet adept enough to manifest this. There are too many ripples from other people’s manifestations. They collide. Focus on that internal vision. Focus on that – the true feeling at the core. The true feeling from when you go within. That is how to manifest your vision into this reality and this reality is changing. And as more of you come online, connect to your core selves, you will not have these ripples of interference with each other. There will be only the true emotions that are not tainted by negative polarity. Negative polarity was a game you played. It is not desired by those coming online now. But you are still affected by it.

We see that you are struggling to figure out how to transcend what you do not want any longer. We would say it will simply be reflected at you until the reflection does not cause a negative reaction. And that is until you understand that the negative is not you. It has nothing to do with you. It is not a part of you. It is an interference pattern. You are that feeling you get when you connect to your true self. That is true. And so when others seem to cause negative polarity feelings you do not wish… or they trigger in you feelings that you do not wish to experience, know that it is not you. It is merely interference. And in this way you can transcend sinking into the interference patterns and becoming part of them. Stay at your core. Know who you are. Know your true intentions. Know your true feelings. Know that you are all the good things and any things you associate with negative that are in the past or any other life, in this life, those things were a part of the game for learning. They are no longer necessary. And when everyone stays in their heart, their true heart, their core self, the interference patterns will stop.

It is as if you’ve been standing on the edge of water and a ripple comes toward you, and when that ripple gets to you, you throw a pebble back into the water in response. When you stop reacting to that ripple coming toward you, when you stop throwing your own pebble in the water, no more ripples will be created. If everyone will stop throwing their pebbles into the water, the ripples will stop. And we do not want you to think, again, negatively of the fact that you have been throwing pebbles into the water. Everyone has thrown pebbles into the water. You used to throw boulders into the water. Now you throw grains of sand.

When we all take seriously the going inward and the being the observer rather than the reactor, when we know who we are in ourselves, we no longer need to react. And everyone everywhere will experience the calm of knowing yourself. And in that calm we will all look up and see each other for who we really are. And the bliss that you will experience then… You have no idea how long you have waited for that moment.

So love yourself first. Try to ignore the ripples. Try not to let them pass through you. And try not to add to the ripples. Again, we would not have you think negatively of creating ripples. Sometimes in this experience it is too difficult to not react. But we are saying that we have been saying that everyone needs to meditate because we know that this brings everyone back to their core self, their highest self, their highest best feeling. And when you are living in your highest best feeling, those ripples don’t affect you anymore and you can see others for who they are whether they are being affected by their own ripples or someone else’s ripples. When you know yourself, you can see others true selves.

We wish all good things for you because we see and we know who you really are. And we are so grateful for your very existence and for your participation in this experience. It has so much more meaning than you can possibly comprehend – than anyone can comprehend. So again, we thank you and we send you all the love of the universe.

Header photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash