Dear Ones,

When you are in fear and acknowledge such, you are in a spot where you can relax. When you feel fear and “stuff it down” so to speak, you are not in a position to make any rational choices related to where you would like to see yourself.

Therefore, we know that the logical place and space for you to be in  is that which serves you the best. When you wish to be in a space of peace, you must acknowledge those things within you that are  – and we say this often – not in alignment with who you really are. And so we will remind you. You are light and love with consciousness.

When you are in fear, you are forgetting that you are eternal. You are forgetting that time has no beginning or end. And you are forgetting that you can continue to have as many experiences in the physical with your family members and friends as you wish – even when this particular life ends.

And so, we think it would serve you to take a broad view of yourself from your higher aspects – those which know they are eternal. In this way, you may continue to have the peace you so much wish for in the current times. Love does not end. And you are love. 

As always we are here to serve you.

And we thank you.