Dear Ones,

The energy coming through you right now – and we will say through you, not your star and not your planet – is of a higher vibration, you might say, than what you are accustomed to. But you have been slowly rising to meet this wave or frequency. You have been practicing so that you can now match it. And you are feeling the effects of it. You know it is within you. You know you have “done the work” and you know that you can now not go back to any lower vibration. In fact, you cannot even be influenced by any lower vibration or frequency than this.

Now. Because of this new higher vibration you have reached, and now will maintain, there may be some dramatic shifts in your life. But do not go into fear over this, because you will not, as we have said, “sink” back to any old vibrational patterns. You as a lightworker collective have all agreed that it is not necessary to return to the old level of frequency. And so you will maintain your current “high” status. (We remind you that while we use these word choices, that no “level” of frequency or vibration is any better or worse than any other. It is simply the choice you have made for this particular “time”.)

And so, we would say, that even though there may be chaos around you, and even though there may be those who are around you who are not at your new level, it will yet not be difficult for you. There are characteristics of this new transmission or embodiment of more of who you are which allow you to analyze, but not take in, this old type of energy. 

What this might look like, for example, is that things that made you sad or unhappy in the past will suddenly not feel as bad. In the past you were able to logically reason why you should not feel sad, but you still felt the sadness. In this new paradigm (which may take a bit of time to integrate) you will merge the logic of it (or the higher knowing of it) with your emotional body so that you have fewer negative polarity emotions, but you can hold the positive polarity without it.

The reason for this is that you are holding that new energy now as a part of you. As a result, you will feel more of it and hold that feeling of unconditional love and connection to all consistently and continuously going forward.

We are your galactic family sometimes called the Arcturian Council. And we thank you for allowing us to come through today, and to be a part of this beautiful journey with you.