The message we have for you today is that you will notice a lighter feeling and it will become, or has become, easier to connect to your guides or your councils, or your – we would say – other beings you connect with. This connection allows an easier flow of information. A more light-hearted feel to those communications. And we would say this is because you have – we would call it – stepped up your beings, your frequency, you would say. And we could say that this is created by all the work you have done previous to this, in your view of time. And so in this way you will notice certain things becoming easier that were difficult for you before, or we have to say that you perceived to be more difficult before. Nothing has actually changed except your willingness to accept the things that you want and deserve.

And so, as an example, if there is a type of work that you enjoy (perhaps you are an artist or a musician, or you are a healer) or there is a job that you have wanted but thought it was not possible to get – you will now be able to see that it is entirely possible – and in fact, probable that you will do these jobs, or this work that you love. And it will flow to you quite easily.

This is because your mask of limitation has been – not entirely removed – but a great portion of it has been lifted. And without that feeling of limitation, more and more things are possible. Not just jobs, but relationships, ways of thinking about the world around you, situations, romantic partners. Everything can feel different in a lighter way now – in a better way. There is more understanding in past relationships that perhaps were not preferable. Things will start to make more sense about why they’ve happened – what they’re here to show you or help you learn.

There are so many aspects to this new state of being – this lighter state of being that you will discover, we would say this month, before the next interesting occurrences happen. The next steps, the next fun further lightening of your respective loads. This is a fantastic time to experience Earth. This is the fun part for you. This is the remembering. This is the lightening.

And we are so grateful for our interaction with you as we experience this also through you. And we thank you.