Dear Ones,

There is currently a removal of density on your planet the likes of which has never happened in your history or any other. It has been a gradual process to allow each physical vessel to adjust. However, at times, the density is removed in such a way that it is very viscerally felt.

When this happens, you will feel a sudden moment of “why have I never thought of this?” or “how did I not see this before?” And we will say, it is because of the amount of density blocking your view, so to speak. It is because of the heaviness weighing you down, at some times more than others.

Now, you are lightworkers, and so you have been very talented at shifting the density so that your light could get through. But in these current times, the density of the collective there on Earth has been shifting through you all. And so you will sometimes move density through you that needed to be released from your group. This is why sometimes it does not feel like it belongs to you as an individual. And sometimes others will move it for you.

There are groups of us who monitor the energies in all of you, and the density through all of you. And we work with you, in the background, so to speak, to know when it is optimal to move or remove certain densities from your beings and from the planet in general. Your current time period is an optimal time for this.

We know that it does not feel particularly good to have these “ah ha” moments because it feels as if you have been wrong, or had wrong behaviors or attitudes all this time. But we will say to you that this is a very good thing. It is your indicator that more density has been lifted from you, and you will be able to continue your life much more easily.

There will continue to be more density removals until you have reached a point in your soon-to-be unblocked consciousness where you are truly free to be entirely who you really are – there – embodied on Earth. And that, dear ones, is what we have all been waiting for.

And we thank you.