Yes, today we are able to give you the hope that you enjoy so much. We are able to tell you that in the coming few years, much will change on your planet. We have been letting you know that your heightened sense of intuition is serving you so that you will know the alignment with those who are wishing for and creating the world you all most want. You will be able to discern when someone is not in alignment with that purpose and that goal. This ability will continue to increase, and in addition to that you will have a couple more gifts that will be awakened more and more in all of you.

The first of these is your ability to create pieces of this new world. You will all begin creating new ways of living and being in your world that do not conform with a society that is focused on power over others. You will create small pockets of equality of thought and deed. You will come together with those like you. And those like you are growing in numbers exponentially daily.

Now we would also say that those not like you – those “stuck” in old paradigms – will find this increasingly difficult to handle. They will develop illnesses, they will be angry, they will lash out. However, you will be understanding. You will see why this is so and you will continue to build this new world.

The second gift you will “unpack” will be your ability to see into this future you are building. You will get flashes of inspiration and insight. You will receive flashes of images of this new place you are building. And you will be heartened by this. It will aid you in carrying on your mission.

We would say to you: Believe in Yourself. Believe in the power of the desire inside of you to build the Earth they way it was meant to be – a cooperation, and a collaboration with the highest intent and good for ALL.

And we thank you.

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