Channeled November 20, 2017

What can you say about dealing with the stress of the holidays as far as dealing with family situations, stress of shopping, money, that kind of thing?

There are many topics here and we could expand for long stretches of time on any of these aspects. But we would say to you that when you focus on stress such as a circumstance where you might find yourself in a situation where there is a conflict between you and a family member, or perhaps you would be in a situation where two other family members are in conflict and this makes you uncomfortable. When you find yourself in those situations you can do the following:

Remember that anything outside of yourself does not need to affect you and your internal happiness and peace. You can simply take a deep breath and remember the state of being you want to be in.

So for example, you are in a situation where two family members are in conflict and it makes you feel uncomfortable. But you want to be in a state of peace and you want to be separate from that conflict, or you want that conflict not to exist at all. So take yourself out of the equation by putting yourself in a state of peace – separate from the conflict.

christmas tree with stockings in the backgroundAnother trick that we like to do or utilize is to close our eyes and imagine those two that are in conflict suddenly not in conflict anymore. Suddenly very loving toward each other. And if you practice this, or if you even try it you will see that it works. You will feel as if you have moved into an alternate reality because when one moment your parents are fighting about something, and you close your eyes and you imagine them not fighting and you open your eyes and then suddenly they’re not fighting and you wonder “how did that happen”? Well, it happens because you have taken yourself out of the reality, or the timeline, in which there is a conflict – the timeline that existed from your past experiences. And when you focus instead on an outcome that you prefer, then you can easily shift into that outcome. So we would recommend this for conflicts.

As far as, we would say, the activities that you – we have to tease you a little – you overschedule yourself with – activities, parties, and events. Because you think these will be fun when really what they do is they burden you with busy-ness. So what we would suggest is:

  1. Only pick the activities – the very few – that you know you will enjoy. Not the ones you think you should do. Not the ones you have always done. Don’t go to them just because you’ve always done them. Only pick the ones to go to that really make you feel good. So try that first and that will narrow your activities to ones that will truly make you happy and ones that you will truly enjoy.

  2. Secondly, we would say your shopping experiences are tinged with guilt and ideas of lack. So when you shop because you feel like you should get someone something, you should get someone something expensive because they got you something expensive, therefore you don’t want them to be unhappy. You don’t want your children to be unhappy because they didn’t get all the things that they wanted, you are again focusing on the lack instead of the bounty we will say. And so, you are shopping from a place that does not feel good.

    But instead if you shop from your heart – which is a difficult concept maybe to explain – Shop from a place of knowing that the recipient will truly enjoy the thing or even the act that you are providing to them as a gift. It does not have to be a thing. When you visualize them truly enjoying and just truly know that they truly enjoy the thing that you are providing, that is coming from a place that you want to end at. That is coming from an outcome you want. So we would say don’t do activities or shop from a place of “should” or a place of lack or a place of guilt. Always do these things from the heart, not the mind or the belief system of the past. And we think this will help you in those ways.

  3. Also, we can see that money is often an issue at Christmas and we would say instead of overspending, use your amazing power of manifestation to create things in your reality that you can give. Again – cannot come from a place of lack. If you sit and think “I don’t have enough money for all these things”, you will not have enough money for the things. But it is not the things you need to focus on. You need to focus on the happiness of the recipients that you want to provide gifts for. Again, just like shopping. And instead of thinking of the money, you think of the outcome, and we remind you that using your manifestation abilities includes using your creativity. So, traditional shopping may not be the gift that you need to give. And we will not give examples of things that don’t cost money. We know that you are amazing creator beings and you can come up with so many ideas of things that don’t cost any money to provide. And we know you have your Pinterest and your internet if you get stuck looking for ideas.

Again, do not forget – start from the heart and your holiday season will be so much more pleasant for you and for everyone around you, and all your experiences – all your holiday experiences will feel much better. So go from a place of feeling – and feeling the things you want, not the things you don’t want.


What would Jesus say about today’s Christmas festivities – specifically in English speaking or traditional Christian cultures?

Ah, yes, Jesus is a good friend of ours and he agrees with our assessment on giving from the heart. He always gave from his heart. He did not ever worry about lack. But we think you mean the tradition of giving gifts and the decorating and the stress.

And we would have to say that Jesus obviously does not think any of this is necessary. However, he does really enjoy the connection that you all feel to each other at this time. He enjoys people smiling and greeting each other when at other times of the year you may not do these things. And he wishes that this was something that you would continue all the time and not just at this particular season.

nativity scene figures with lights in backgroundHe also wishes to acknowledge that sometimes it takes a “commercial holiday”, as he puts it, in order to ingrain this into a culture. In order to make it an annual celebration that sticks, so to speak. And so he is not troubled by the holiday commercials or the marketing to get people to buy things in the name of the holiday because all that this does is reinforce the holiday itself and keep it going. It keeps perpetuating itself. And he says as long as you know that the holiday is a heart holiday and not a thing holiday, then you’re in the right place. And he very much approves. He does not approve of beating yourself up over celebrating something commercial. So please don’t do that he says. Make Christmas about love and include everything in that love – even the commercials. Even the buying and the shopping and the parades that don’t really have anything to do with Christianity. But it is the love behind all of that and he does love that. He loves that and he loves even the – when you let someone out in front of you in traffic because it’s Christmas and you want to be kind to each other. He especially enjoys those things.

[end channeling]

Hope that helps you all with your holiday season this year and all the years to follow!

Happy Thanksgiving!





Nativity Photo by Gareth Harper on Unsplash
Holiday Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
Christmas Scene Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash