Dear Ones,

What we wish to speak to you about today is the way you commonly think of yourselves. The most common belief on your planet today is that you are powerless. That things happen to you. Those who are in this belief system are the ones who will find it the most difficult to traverse the ascension process that is currently beginning for the masses.

What you can do for these souls is to hold on to your knowing that you are, in fact, all powerful. That you are all the creators of not only your experiences here on Earth, but of everything there is. You harness the power of creation.

Now, it is difficult even for you that are awakened to acknowledge this power within yourselves and to begin the processes necessary to start using it to your infinite abilities. So you can imagine how foreign a concept this will be to those who are just waking up to new ideas about who they are and their place in the world, and in the universe, and in The All.

And so, first and foremost we would say that it is beneficial to all for you to hold and enhance your knowing that you are creator beings and you all have the power to create both the micro environment of your personal lives and the macro environment of the Earth. Of course you are also capable of expanding out beyond the Earth and “playing” with your galactic brothers and sisters. As we have said, you are just beginning to get to the “fun part”.

We always hold so much gratitude for your allowance of our part in this very big shift in consciousness. We so much enjoy creating with you.

And we thank you.



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