This is a channeling done to answer questions to clarify information from another channeling where it was stated that a friend of mine was integrating his galactic selves into his current life.


What does the integration of our galactic selves “look” like?

It is a process by which you will become aware of knowledge that would not have entered your sphere in any other way. You will become aware of systems of being, ways of being, that do not exist currently on your planet except as parts of other systems, perhaps. You will suddenly – you would call it – realize something. But instead of it being there for you as a puzzle to put together, the puzzle pieces were not even in your awareness. So it is a realization of something that you could not have ever considered because you don’t have the information necessary to consider these new realizations you will have.


What occurs? What is the process when this is happening?

As we stated, you will begin to have instantaneous thoughts of ways of being, ways of doing things, and ways of interacting, that seem – we would use the very appropriate word – “alien” to you. Because they are alien to you. You have no concept of any of these things until they suddenly integrate into your awareness and your consciousness. This is the process of integrating your galactic selves. This process of integrating – you would say – the energy or the essence of these other beings that you are, that you have been, that you will be, into your current experience. And as you do this, the knowledge and the experiences will come with those pieces that you are integrating. And so, to answer your next question…


Okay, so the next question is: How do we become aware of it?

You become aware of it by noticing these sudden insights where they seem to come out of nowhere. A way of looking at something that seems to come out of nowhere. A change or a shift in your personality. A change or a shift in your emotions. And a change or a shift in your interactions with others and your interactions with your physical world.

And they will be big enough shifts that you will notice that you have never experienced the thought of that particular event or happening or experience ever entering your consciousness before. It will be new insights that you have not heard or read or thought about or put together from other pieces before. This is how you will become aware of integrating your galactic selves into this current life. And some may have already… some may align with this idea already. Some may have had this experience already. And more and more of you are doing so every minute.

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