Dear Ones,

In this moment, our message is one humanity most needs. It is a message of connecting to the deepest parts of yourselves. As we have always stated, the “real” you is not the one experiencing this life on earth.

You are multi-talented. This is meant to be a pun because you are existing in multi dimensions. And so, your focus in each of these dimensions or dimensional realities takes focus of your true self or your highest self, you might say. 

We are pointing this out and bringing it into your awareness so that you understand the vastness of who you are. We see that you often think of yourselves as small and inconsequential. You think you can’t possibly make a difference to the whole.

But we tell you that you are acting in concert with all of the other souls, both on this planet, and outside of this physical beingness, in order to accomplish some very amazing things.

You will begin to see, more and more, how others are working with you – even if it is not conscious. You will see how one person’s actions – even in a separate time – have the effect of being a piece you need to complete your “mission”. And you, though you may not have realized it, have impacted many others and given them pieces they need to complete their “missions”.

And so, when you are feeling small, we want you to know that you are part of something bigger than this one life, bigger than this one Earth, and which comprises more love and cooperation than you can probably imagine.

And we thank you.


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