Dear Ones,

We find it optimal to discuss with you the importance of grounding yourselves into your personal physical experience. When you find yourself observing yourself – looking through your physical vessel [which is] looking at the world – you can understand that all things you observe, all ways of being you observe, are through your experience. And we would say your unique experience. Because your ability to focus your soul self, or a portion of yourself, into this physical experience is why you were chosen to be in this place, in this time, creating the change that everyone wishes to see and feel and be a part of.

When we talk about grounding yourself into your particular being, we mean that we want you to understand this process of focusing your attention on the being that you are in this reality. Because it is your ability to focus that allows you to influence, in a positive way, those around you by having your light self integrated into your physical self.

We are attempting to explain the mechanism that allows you, as a light being, to exist in this physical reality. For it takes a great deal of energy and, as we say, focus, to not remember all of who you are. For if you remembered all of who you are, you would blink out of this physical reality and we would not have the aid we needed on the planet at this time.

So, when you are frustrated that you cannot connect more fully with your higher self, you cannot leave and go to New Earth, or go to a different reality (without removing your physical reality), we would say that is for a purpose. Your purpose is to focus yourself into this reality to create the change just by being, and just by the focus itself.

This is an important message because we think you all lose your excitement for being here. You grow impatient for the change you wish to see. And so, we would let you know that your focus – and in a way part of your disconnect – is creating the change. And it is very important at this time. It is very needed at this time.

So enjoy those times that you do feel the connection and know that that is the real you, but that you have chosen to focus away from the real you in order to bring that part of you into existence here in the physical, and create the change here. Not somewhere else.

And we hope this helps.

And we thank you.