Dear Ones,

We bring through today another message that focuses on peace. We know that we repeat ourselves sometimes and we do this so that we can describe and explain from many angles so to speak.

Your task on Earth there at present may seem quite difficult. In the midst of change and seeming chaos (even in your weather systems) you may find it difficult to bring through peaceful thoughts and feelings. And so we have a recommendation that you might enjoy trying.

When you are in a state of feeling hopeless or lost or confused ask yourself: “What can I do to facilitate a better thought and feeling?” And “What can I remember or think of that connects me to the highest love?” 

When you do this, you shift your focus from the confusion and hopelessness to your creation powers. You have it within you to create what it is that you want to see in your own life and for the world. When you focus forward in love, your power is made manifest.

Now, when you focus forward in discord, you also manifest. But we think you would rather feel the results of the love manifesting.

And so, when you are triggered by a set of words that does not resonate with your way of thinking, remember to manifest forward in love and you will create a new and better version of your life and your world.

And we thank you.


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