Dear Ones,

When we speak to you on any subject matter, we wish you to know that it is with the most loving intent. We take a reading of those on the planet most likely to come across our messages, throughout all of the time periods that they will be accessed, and we deliver to you the most useful message to all recipients at the time the transmission is received.

In this transmission we would speak on the way we check in with all of you. It is a complex process to explain as many as yet will not understand the complexities of the multidimensional form. However, for many, we see this is quite useful.

When you have your large focus events such as solstices, or special dates, or holidays celebrated by many across the globe, we are able to take a quite accurate “picture” of the energy and emotion on the planet and get a very good reading about which direction humanity will move next. We refer to these as checkpoints.

So, although there is really no such experience for us as linear time, we can use your experience of linear time to advantage in order to get a snapshot, you would say, of where all beings in this dimension are vibrating. And from there we can extrapolate how things are likely to unfold in your timeline.

Whether you are meditating and focusing your intention on feeling the energy of the solstice, or Christmas, or any of the many holidays celebrated at this time, deep in your being, you all realize that you are checking in at this time in order to set yourselves on the best path for yourselves and for humanity that you are able to.

We would also say that our ability to work with your energies is very helpful for both parties. We are working in concert with you and other “helper beings” in the ascension of humanity. And your participation during these special checkpoints is quite useful and proactive. It increases the momentum toward our joint goal of ascending the planet and all of humanity.

And so, enjoy the current energetics on the planet. A joint high frequency resonating from a majority of Earthlings is always helpful in holding and raising again the frequencies needed to improve all aspects of your lives there on Earth.

And we thank you.


Happy Holidays from The Shertzers