We Greet You,

And what we have for you today is a message of hope. We see that many there on your planet have ways of feeling that are not, we would say, productive to the evolution of your planet. We see that the way forward can sometimes become cloudy. What we would offer you is an outlook based on what you want the final outcome to be. 

When you use your wonderful imaginations to think about how the world (that you would like to live in) would look, what do you see? If you are thinking of what it will NOT have, you are still in lack consciousness. If you can imagine the beautiful existence of your wildest dreams, you are on the “right” track.

What then?

Once you have imagined that which you most wish to live in as an existence in the future, you can imagine the step it took to get there – just before you were finally there. And then, wonder to yourself “what was the step just before that”? 

Now, you may not be able to imagine all of the steps back to your present time, but we know this is an energetic way to create the future you want and anchor in the belief that it can be as you wish.

We would remind you that you are the creators of this reality. So if you want the reality of your dreams, you will have to create it with your imaginations first. And we do not think worry and fear are part of those imaginings.

As always we are here in support of you. We are so grateful for your participation and gifts here at this time.

And we thank you.