Dear Ones,

We come to you today to speak about a topic which concerns many of you so often. We speak of your ability to perceive what others are feeling and experiencing as if it were your own experience and feeling.

We would say that this is the state of your natural self, and that you are moving more and more in this direction is an indicator of where you are on your ascension path.  However, in your current 3D construct, feeling these feelings and experiences does not (as you say) “feel good”.

We would say, in order to not take on the negative polarity feelings and experiences, you would find it beneficial to immerse yourself in the bliss of connecting to The All. You do this in many ways already, so this would be a process of merely expanding on what you already know how to do. You find expansion and connection in art of all kinds, in some forms of exercise, in nature, and in those relationships that bring you mostly joy. But you can also find it within when no other inputs are available. 

We are crafting a script (as you call it), so that you can easily connect with your family outside of this experience. And by family, we mean the totality of your true existence – that which is love, joy, connectedness, peace, and bliss. This script will come into being as soon as you are all ready to receive it. Until then, continue to connect and expand and immerse yourselves in as much beauty and joy as you can, and connect with others who seem to have mastered this ability as well. Their energy is beneficial in creating these states – simply by their proximity.

It is when you truly feel this joy within, this connectedness to All, and the deep inner knowing that you are so important to the existence of everything there is, that you will
reach the state of being you all wish so much to achieve.

And we thank you.