Channeled General Message – October 1, 2018

Youtube thumbnail: Channeled Coping With Frustration Related to The Event with galaxy image We see that you all have worked so hard for milenia in evolving this planet. And we see your frustration in your inability to do so at the speed in which you wished to accomplish this. And we see that you also do not want another failure. You do not want another destruction and rebirth. You want a transition. We all want that transition.

So for those who are frustrated we say: You are coming home. And we know you dislike the word soon, but it is soon. And if you imagine what that moment will be like when you feel whole again, and hold that feeling – bring it into the present – you can experience a little taste of what’s coming right now. And we are reminded of a phrase you use “it will tide you over” until the real thing arrives.

But you must try – if you want – you always have choice. You may have chosen to be frustrated because after your experience here is over, you may find value in having experienced the frustration. However, for those of you who do not wish to experience the frustration, hold the feeling that you want to feel.

We would quote someone you all may know and say “believing is seeing” [Wayne Dyer?]. So, try. Try to feel that feeling that you would feel after The Event. After you get everything you want. What will that feel like? Hold that feeling. Bring it into the now and you will have what you want.

You have all worked so long and so hard – well, hard from your perspective. From our perspective it is all simply experience and understanding. And we would say – don’t give up when you are feet from the finish line. Continue your work, hold the feeling, bring the others with you. Bring everyone up to enjoy this new space, and this new feeling, and this new way of being that your planet is destined for. And we are sending you all the love from every corner of every galaxy and every dimension. Imagine how it feels to have all that love focused on you. That is what you have. Reach for it. Feel it. It is there right now. We love you.