Today we speak to you of peace. A peace many of you have been longing for. From your perspective it seems eons you have waited. But we would say, even though you don’t remember, you chose this. You chose this as an experience so unusual that very few beings in all existence were talented enough to engage in it. Though you don’t remember, you decided to “go in” and lift the energy from the negative polarity. You believed and KNEW you could do it.

You also knew that whether or not you could do it, the polarity would be realigned anyway. But you wanted this experience of trying to do it “from the inside” so to speak.

And so, we congratulate you on the great strides you have made – on being able to hold the love even when it felt like darkness was closing in all around you. We will tell you that it isn’t. We will tell you that you are the greatest beings of light, and that while you hold your light – while you focus on all the beauty – you will never be influenced by negative polarity. Your core being is too bright, too strong.

Now, we will also tell you that whether or not you believe in this so called “Event”, the negative polarity has been removed so much already that when you see it at all it is so blatantly obvious that everyone cries out about it. What you see in your media is just the worst of it that is left.

So carry on brave, beautiful souls. Your “work” is essentially done. The majority is light – even if that light doesn’t realize what it is. Even if there are so many left that do not know the work you do and have done to bring us all to this point. There is very little of what you call “dark” left –  and they have very little time left to chose to turn back to their natural state – which is light – or lose their history of experience. We would all (you included) prefer they keep their experiences as learning and as a tool for the reference of all.

The experiment is at an end, and your perceived future, we are sure, you will describe as “glorious”.

And we thank you.

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash