You have, today, a clearer connection with those sources and those beings that you have always been able to connect with – that have always been a part of you. But today, now, you feel the connection very strongly. You can tap into that almost giddy joy. You can incorporate that into your everyday life and your way of being. And you can sustain that connection and that feeling.

For those of you who are not feeling the joy and the giddiness and the connection, we would say there are energies filtering through the Earth that must pass through you in order to leave – in order to be replaced with this higher vibration or this higher frequency way of being.

And so if you are in this place of what you would call darker feelings – darker, heavier ways of being – know that it will not last and when it leaves it will be replaced with a much greater lightness of being than you have experienced previously. And that you will be able to sustain this feeling longer and longer and longer until it is your only way of being.

The waves that have been coming through that have been clearing the density – from your beings, from your planet, from the surface, from the skies – they continue. And as they continue, you continue to help process all of the things that you do not want right out of your lives. Right out of your existences. And it makes the path clear for you. And when you make the path clear through the releasing of these denser energies, you are carving the path for all others to come behind you.

And so, when you are feeling these darker densities – these heavier densities – please, we wish you to understand that once you have cleared them, you are helping everyone behind you. And not just those behind you on Earth. You are creating a level of frequency and oneness that benefits The All.

And we thank you.