The message we have for you today surrounds the theme of hope. Hope is a feeling of optimism. Hope is something that allows you to come out of yourself, out of your current situation and troubles and consider a time when you will not feel conflicted about things. When humans have something to look forward to, they are focusing their creative attention in the positive. This is an expansive direction as far as achieving those feelings in life and those attitudes you wish to cultivate. 

We have spoken before about your creative powers and how using your imagination and focusing on the feelings you wish to have can aide in your creations. Sometimes we see it is difficult for you to come out of the current moment and leave your worries and troubles behind for long enough to do this. But we also see that when you do this, you understand that it works much better for creating the life you want.

Some tools you might use to accomplish this are:

  • Meditating to quiet your mind and practice releasing those troubles so that you get in the habit of not focusing on them quite so much. 
  • Keeping reminders around you of what you do have that you love and that instill positive feelings inside of you. This could be in the form of lists or pictures.
  • Creating a daily practice of listing the things you enjoy or taking time to feel the feelings you experience when you are doing the things you love or spending time with the people you love.

In these ways you are focusing your attention back onto the things you want to foster or create and not on the feelings and experiences you do not prefer. When these feelings do crop up, practice re-focusing your mind and heart on the positive each time. This reinforces the focus on what you DO want, and in time, it will happen automatically.

We understand, through your communications, how challenging your role there can be and has been. We would tell you that in spite of the feeling that it is of no use, we have gained so much information about both the individual interactions, and also their effect on the whole of your way of being. 

However, now it is time to exert your energy to divert the course of humanity to something much more “positive” as you would say. And this happens with your own focus in the face of challenges. We see so many of you changing the path of humanity every day with these practices.

And we thank you.