Dear Ones,

When you find yourself in a situation that brings up a lot of anger and frustration, we would say that you can always find a purpose within it. Sometimes this purpose is to clear old beliefs that are no longer in alignment with who you really are. Sometimes it is to get you to focus on how you have been in a similar situation. And it is required to call up and release those old energies so that you can move into a new, better feeling vibration. And sometimes it is used as a call to action: will you let this cripple you, or will you use it as inspiration to make some changes for yourself or the greater good of humanity? There is no judgement in either choice, but we would say that your higher aspects most often arrange interactions in an attempt to inspire you.

Humans (especially you as lightworkers) always chastise themselves for losing their high frequency vibration. But sometimes, it is actually helpful if the end result is the releasing of those lower vibrational emotions and energies which you have, until now, not been aware of or not been able to release. Now, we are not saying that it is a helpful practice to always be angry and frustrated, but occasionally it is used as a tool to move you into a new dynamic.

And so, when you find yourself on the other side of an episode of anger and frustration, use this as an opportunity to readjust your focus. Notice and expand the feeling of release and lightness that also happens at this time. Because your forward focus and high vibration will assuredly return and it will be stronger than ever.

And we thank you.

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