There is a message we would like to deliver to you today. This message concerns those of you who feel and need to be more connected to that which you really are. This is more achievable than ever and does not take as much effort as it has in your past.

And so, we would give you the advice, as always, to go within. We hear and we see and we feel some of you groaning, for that term is over used and has many connotations that some of you do not prefer. But all we mean by this is that you must align yourselves with that part of yourselves that is the source of your intuition and your inspiration. And we think that surely feels good to you.

Tap into those things rather than to think of it as step by step process of meditating and clearing your thoughts and do this and do that. No. What we offer as an alternative is to think or feel for that part of you that gives you that little information about things that seemingly comes from nowhere – that may not even seem to make sense. But if you follow, it will guide you to the things that you do prefer and that you want.

And when you get an inspiration to do something, we always advise that you follow that inspiration. Immediately if possible. If not, leave yourself a reminder and then perhaps when you have time – or when you can make time – you can follow that inspiration. Connecting in this way we think will help you to feel better. To feel more like your true selves. And if you can incorporate these intuitions and inspirations into what you call your jobs, since this is where you spend the majority of your time – or what you spend the majority of your time on – we think this will improve your quality of life and your attitude toward life greatly.

We wish to see you all having, receiving the things that you love. And it starts with your alignment of true self.

We thank you.