Dear Ones,

We would say that the most helpful thing we could tell you about today is your own ability to create in your current reality. Many people believe that manifesting things is impossible. Many give their power away and consider themselves unworthy of it. But we would say, you are all worthy of it, and you are all capable of it. The main impediment is only your beliefs.

When you consider a situation in which you would like a particular outcome, a lot of information comes forward into your minds and hearts about whether or not that situation or thing is possible for you. Your information comes from many experiences – both yours and the stories of others. And so, you (or your brain) must sift through all of the possibilities you have experienced to know whether or not this could happen for you – that which you wish to happen.

Most of the time your minds convince you that you cannot have that which you wish to have because experience has taught you that no one has ever been able to receive the experience or gift. But we would say that all that really needs to be adjusted is your direction of thought. We would suggest that instead of referring backward into times where it truly may not have been possible, to focus your thoughts forward, when it is easy to receive the experiences and things you want.

In this way, you are comparing your wishes to what is possible instead of what has never happened or is not likely to happen based on other people’s experiences. We would also suggest that looking at others for examples of failures is not an optimal way of attempting to gain something. Look instead to those who have achieved what you wish to achieve, be or do.

We can see in the energy of your thought patterns that this will be a more effective way for you to manifest that which you most want – be it a thing, an experience, or a way of life for all. And we will be here in support of you while you make it all happen.

And we thank you.