A little bit of time travel from the Arcturians. Apparently you can go back and change your past at any time and it will affect you in the present. This is from a personal channeled message for one of my Patreon subscribers. You can get your own channeled personal message each month here: https://www.patreon.com/join/tth

Dear One,

We know that oftentimes you do not wish to allow yourself to feel the things from what you perceive as the past. We would tell you some ways to bring the current state into the past to re-write that past so to speak.

Now we know that time is a “thing” you experience there, and so it is difficult to understand how you could go “back” to something which has already happened and change it. But we would tell you that it doesn’t matter if you understand the mechanics of the procedure. All you have to do is participate in it.

And so, you can go back to any event, rewrite it as you would like it to be, and then experience your life as if it really happened. Because, in effect, it did happen. And you are now the person who has a completely different experience than the one you thought you had.

When you do this, you rewire your brain to accept and understand that you are now the person you intend to be – one with a past full of joy, amazing experiences, and wonderful connected relationships. And your present moment will be one of completely different feeling than it was before you rewrote your history.

We think you will enjoy this activity and the resulting shift that occurs.

And we thank you.