Dear Ones,

Today we will speak to you on the topic of your evolution. You have heard that there are transformations coming in your future. You have heard the outcome is wondrous. We will explain how to contemplate this shift and transformation.

When you consider the present moment, what you think about is the responsibilities in the present. You are all so busy doing this thing or that activity. And so you evolve in a series of doing.

We would like to see you considering daily (if not multiple times per day) what you would like the outcome of today’s activities and thoughts to be. For example, you are getting your children ready for school. Many think that children going to school is a necessity to guarantee they are not “missing out”, and because they will be successful members of society. If you instead think of the children going to school to learn what their favorite interests are so that they can excel in what they are most fascinated with, the outcome will be based on joy rather than fear.

If you, as adults, go to your “jobs” wondering what interesting new thing you will discover today, it will be a much better day than one in which you feel you are required to go to work so that you have a place to live.

Many systems are changing rapidly now. Your school and work systems have been slow to change, as has your society in general. But there are so many individuals working toward what they would like to see that they have tipped the scales. They have caused transformation to come about much more rapidly.

This is why we have always spoken to you about being “for” the thing you want to see, rather than “against” the thing you don’t want. Your focus creates your reality. This holds true also for those focusing on “dark ones” or “the dark”. We can see from our perspective that the negative polarity gains in strength and intensity with this focus – even when your focus is intended as education in order to dispel the dark.

When you instead focus with love on resolving the “problems” your society faces, you increase positive polarity. You send ripples of positive energy out which affects everyone on the planet.

And so, to make the most of this time (and to rapidly get to the shift you all are looking forward to) we recommend you shift your perspective. You can dislike pain and suffering as long as it motivates you to alleviate that suffering and not to become the sufferer as well. And you can find the joy within you while bringing joy to another.

We think this was your intended purpose all along. We wish to see you fulfilling your purpose and arriving at the more joyful times ahead more quickly than you imagine.

As always, we are here in support of you.

And we thank you.


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