Dear Ones,

In this time of cultural shifting, we wish to bring through a message of compassion. We know that it is not an easy task (or assignment) to be on the Earth at this time of great change. We know that as you volunteered to be here (as humans at this time) you have had a great deal of experience prior to this. And we wish for you all to know that you are doing exactly what you came here to do.

When you look around at all the tumult there, we can see that it is easy for you to believe things are going very badly. But in fact, the old structures and ways of being that do not suit the lives you are moving into are being dismantled (or restructured). Sometimes this restructuring looks very chaotic.

There are many systems being impacted at this time. Also, you are beginning to hear with your hearts rather than your egos, minds, or programming. It is in this way that you are seeing that the old, or standard, ways of being are in great need of change in order to meet the needs of the new collective coming into being.

And so, we are here to reassure you that things are going quite well, actually. And we would also like to remind you to look (always) at the positive in the moment. It is in this moment that you create. You are creating a new collective of compassion and freedom – which the Earth has not seen in a very, very long time.

We wish to congratulate you.

And we thank you.

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