This is a channeled personal message from my Patreon group that I share with permission. The message is about different kinds of truth and which one you should follow and trust.

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We can see that rather than offer you encouragement, you would prefer we offer you advice. Today that advice includes looking within for your own truths instead of the general truth or “capital T” truth. Because we will tell you that there isn’t one.

Your own truths are subjective, as you know. The only thing that makes something true is your experience of it. And you can apply this in your own life relationships to great effect.

When you understand that each person – adult or child – experiences their own truths based on their own experiences, you will be able to have much greater patience with them. You will see that their truths can be different than yours. It takes nothing away from your truths because they are your experiences and perspectives.

And so, we hope over this next month of your time you will be able to use this to your advantage and allow your personal and global relationships to have their own truths without needing to change your own, or feel “less than” if your truths are not in agreement with someone else’s.

And we thank you.