An update on the Earth plan.
(From my alternate aspect Theos, and the groups aiding ascension. See first video on this here:

I can tell you that in working with the other groups toward what some are calling the liberation of Earth, it is somewhat crucial that we have all of your participation. By that I mean that when you believe you are working toward this goal of peace and loving all others as yourself, it is much easier for all groups working in all different aspects of the ascension of humans to make the alterations necessary. There is an energetic on your planet – and running within you all – and that energetic can impede or promote what **we are all trying to accomplish (**even you from your alternate aspects).

In order for us to help you, all you have to do is not allow yourselves to back-track or believe in the regression of your species. Try not to focus overmuch on any negative news or feedback or happening. Focus forward into the idea of unity and peace and a world you live within being more aligned with the ways in which you want it to operate. Ask yourselves what it is you really want your lives and the lives of everyone on Earth to be like. Imagine that and hold those images and thoughts. Those energetic signatures help us work from the outside to accomplish this “grand task”.

Nothing is required of you, but your participation is quite valuable – especially in the speeding up of ascension (from your perspective). From many higher perspectives it is a “done deal”. 

For the groups in-between your reality (as living in the Earth construct), and those you call ascended beings, we can see that working with your participation is much easier and faster. You can help all groups by focusing on what you want rather than focusing on your anger at past interference and misdeeds. We can see that so many of you are now doing this. It is helpful. It is very helpful.

Continue to focus on what you want and also the small things in your lives that bring you joy or comfort or any good feeling emotion. This also helps raise the energetic for us to adjust and expand to bring about the changes you all so desperately wish to see in your now moments.

We are all committed to working with you toward this purpose.


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