Oh, the frustration of knowing you are all-powerful, but not feeling it while you are a human on Earth! Why do we do this to ourselves? 😃


Dear Ones,

When you are in the mode of always needing to get to the next thing – to resolve the next problem – you are sometimes forgetting what’s going on around you in the present moment. We would speak to you today about living more of the moment that you are in.

When you are in a physical incarnation there, it is difficult to process everything. You have your five senses, but you have another sense as well. And that is the all-encompassing omnipotence that you have when you are in non-physical. And so it is frustrating for those of you who know that you are non-physical beings having a physical experience. Because you are accustomed to many ways of feeling and being that you cannot seem to “get a handle on” in this physical experience.

When you are non-physical the answers to any challenge are available and challenges are exciting because you use them to expand your being. When you are in the physical you forget that challenges are there to expand your being. And because you have feelings of hopelessness, despair, anger, frustration, it is very easy to forget that these are put there for you for your own beautiful expanded beingness. 

In addition, you can be confused by the fact that you do remember that you are non-physical and you can become frustrated that you don’t have access to all that you have in non-physical while you’re here on Earth. However, we wish for you to know that you chose the challenges that you experience, and you chose to be in this (what you call) “limited” physical experiment. 

And because you chose to come now, you have the most challenging of challenges. You know that you put these challenges here, and yet you also know that you can’t quite remember how to capture the beauty and excitement, and omnipotence that you have when you are not here on Earth. But you are tapping into it. You are starting to come into it. And it is frustrating for many of you to not remember how to be telepathic, how to let go of the negative, of the pain, of the suffering.

We would say this is the biggest opportunity of your non-physical existence – this life right now. And when you have overcome these challenges with grace – where you can look back and understand why you may have experienced this challenge, how you grew from that experience. If you can remember that while still embodied in the physical, your expansion will be so much greater when you are complete with all of the things you set out for yourself in this life. 

And we know you are going to be so, so happy with the results.

And we thank you.


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