Dear Ones,

We know that in these times you perceive on your planet, it seems as if all is dark and gloomy around you. You look to the future for respite, but the future can seem to you to be gloomy as well. We would share with you some ways to distance yourself from these perceptions.

You Are Infinite Creator Beings

Firstly, remember and know that you are infinite beings of infinite potential. This means you have the ability to create whatever you want. Now, this can become a problem when your focus is drawn to things that you do not prefer, repeatedly. The way to counter this is to have a practice in place in which you remember what you want to experience in your life. This can be accomplished through gratitude journaling, or closing your eyes and imagining living the life you want. Anything will be effective if the focus is on what you DO want.


Next, set the intention to notice when your thoughts wander to what it is you do not enjoy. Then, when you do notice these thoughts, immediately stop them and re-focus on what it is that you want. You may even want to have some sort of mantra you can use to refocus. The possibilities for mantras are as infinite as you are. Chose something you will enjoy repeating that makes you feel joy.

You Are Divine

Finally, we would ask you to remember your true nature and your complete divinity. When you are in an Earth body, it is very easy for you to think poorly of yourselves – to lose confidence. We wish for you to remember a time when you never worried about what someone else thought of you. We wish for you to remember a time in which you were having fun doing something you really enjoyed. It is in these times that you are accessing more of who you really are. Remember these times and you will be back in the state of being your true selves.

When you do these things, you create a practice of bringing toward you all that you want to experience in the best ways. And you allow yourselves to receive them as well. You must have focus, and you must play with what you enjoy in your thoughts, and you must feel deserving.

Practicing these things will open up new worlds for you. We think you will enjoy this.

And we thank you.

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