Dear Ones,

When you learn to let go of the past, the past no longer controls your present or future. We mean that in learning to be present, you can always learn how to find joy in each moment.

If you are consistently thinking in terms of past and future, you will always be neglecting who you really are. Who you really are is awareness now. When you look to the past you are considering something that no longer exists. When you look to the future you are either planning who you want to be or planning who you don’t want to be depending on your thoughts and feelings. But when you are putting your attention on how you want to be in this moment, you don’t need to focus on the future because it unfolds in perfect alignment with how you are feeling now.

And so, the best way to create the future you want is to focus your attention on making right now the best moment you can. You do this by “tapping in” to who you really are.

We remind you that who you really are is light and love and knowledge of all things. Who you really are is eternal and infinite. There is nothing you can lose and nothing you cannot do. If you can focus on knowing these simple truths, you will have the blissful life you most want.

We look forward to experiencing this with you.

And we thank you.