Dear Ones,

This equinox brings special opportunities for you. Of course, you have opportunities every day, but we know that you enjoy focusing on specific days. And so we would like to tell you about some things you can focus on in this moment of time.

You are building new connections with each other. You are breaking through cultural barriers and opening your minds and hearts up to new ideas. This is a wonderful focus for this equinox and the oncoming months.

tulips and hello spring representing the beautiful frequency of exchangeAs we mentioned before, when you get to know one another, you realize that you have much more in common than you have differences. You will come to see the other as alike, and that is a very good frequency to hold for the energy there.

We know you can see the chaotic energy around you. We ask that instead of putting your focus there, you turn your focus to the energy of how you are all alike. You all want love, connection, safety, companionship, and more.

Now, we also see that past experiences can cause you to be fearful of forming new connections. To that, we would say that you must be very clear on what kind of connections you wish to have and what they will create within you. For example, you might set the intention for learning about how a person’s past experiences have shaped them. From that, you might relate to experiences you have had and how they shaped you.

Whatever the interaction, you can create within the two of you (or more) a beautiful frequency of exchange. When you do this, you mitigate the effects of the vibrations of war and conflict on your planet. And we will tell you that the frequency of sharing and learning is far more powerful.

And so, in co-creating a friendship or a romantic relationship, you are adding to the beautiful frequencies on the planet in a very big way. We would like to see much, much more of this there.

We hope this helps you.

And we thank you.

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