Dear Ones,

The atmosphere you are in at this time is one of movement. It can be disconcerting at times to feel some negative emotion when you are attempting to stay focused in goodness and love and light. We would tell you how to make this process even easier.

To begin, remember that you are within an ocean of energy. The ocean is the collective there on earth. When there is a large event within this ocean, the water shifts. You may be in a part of the ocean where nothing is happening, and yet you will be “pushed” by these waves of energy.

We are telling you this because we feel many of you becoming discouraged. We see and know that you all wonder what you are doing wrong. And so we would tell you that you are doing nothing wrong. You are being yourselves. And those selves are ones who can feel the energy shifts of the collective.

It is a busy time energetically. You are in the era of change to something new. We will tell you what you can do as lightworkers, starseeds, and wanderers to help this transition.

When you can see how the energies affect you, you can intend to be a beacon of dissipation. We mean that when these waves of (what you would call) negative emotion begin to sweep the planet, you can act as a break to disallow them from moving beyond your physical location. We know you will ask how.

You are currently feeling these energies and know when they affect you. When they do, simply tell yourself: I intend to dissipate these energies so that they dissolve and return to source. They will not continue their journey back and forth, permeating the entire planet. I am a beacon of change. And so it is. 

In this way, you not only acknowledge that you feel these energies affecting you, but you transmute them. And you disallow them to affect anyone else beyond your location in the direction of movement.

You have all been doing this to some degree already, but when you are consciously aware, you stop the energetic storm and create a calm sea.

We know you enjoy being able to help your fellow beings there on Earth. And you will all enjoy a more energetically peaceful planet.

As always, we are here to serve you in whatever way we can.

And we thank you.