Hello Beautiful Souls!

I feel like I channeled Ra with the Arcturians as a bridge. 😲 Service-to-self and service-to-others are concepts talked about in the Ra material books (and so is “learn/teaching”). I will link to the Ra books below the channeling. You can also visit www.llresearch.org for more info.

Hope you are all doing well. Walk away from the STS peeps!  At least for now.

Much Love,

Amanda Kate


Dear Ones,

When you are at a stage of evolution that is occurring at present, you will come across those entities which are attempting to maintain a service-to-self orientation. As you are near the culmination of this stage, there is more effort put in by both orientations to generate more “power” behind their particular state. We would help you see what you can do in order to maintain your orientation and even strengthen it.

Firstly, you need not attempt to change the orientation of the service-to-self being. All beings will return to service-to-others after a certain period of stagnation (in which no further growth is possible). We understand that service-to-others oriented beings wish to reduce the suffering that appears to come from a service-to-self being. However, your only “job” is to maintain and strengthen your own light and your own unconditional love of self.

You may ask how you draw service-to-self beings toward you. We would say that they are naturally drawn toward the light, as it is indeed also their natural state. This is what you would call a “job hazard” for the service-to-self being. You may also understand that if there is any residual programming within you that causes you to feel “less than”, the service-to-self being is an incredibly effective catalyst for you. It will shine a light on anything not in alignment.

And so, although you are likely to come across service-to-self beings from time to time, remember that you are not obliged to interact with them or attempt to heal them. All soul types have eternity to return to the light. You must balance the desire to heal with your own unconditional love state within. Return to balance. This is your current learn/teaching.

We hope this helps you.

And we thank you.

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