What’s the difference between manifesting and being in alignment with the things you want? This. Where I am right now. What I’m doing right now. I didn’t even realize it.

little girl princess and momHave you ever made a dream board or vision board? You know, where you cut out pictures or make a photo collage of all of the things you want? The kids and I made one years ago.  In the center, very large and prominent was a photo of Disney World. Now, I should add the disclaimer that my in-laws had mentioned wanting to take us all to Disney since my youngest was 3. But all of our dreams came true a couple of years after that. And then again. And then a trip to Disneyland. All. Expenses. Paid. All of them.  o_O

I had also added a photo of a group of women because I was trying to build a business at the time. And a picture of a bracelet I wanted along with some other things. The dream/vision board fell down behind the boys’ toy box and I forgot about it for awhile. When I found it again I realized we had gotten everything on it except the kid’s playhouse (which we’ve been trying to figure out for several years). And I have a phenomenal group of women friends now. Not exactly what I was aiming for, but which I love so much more.

So, yeah. That’s all pretty amazing. Did we manifest all of that through our focus? I don’t really care what the mechanism is. It seems to work for about 90%+ of the things we put on it.


Manifesting is very cool, but living in alignment with the things that are important to you is also very cool – maybe more so. Instead of just manifesting things you want, you stay in the emotional state you want along with it.

So how do you live in alignment? Live from your heart, not your head. Spend time with the people who build you up and support you and make you feel good about being yourself. Don’t work at a job you hate. You deserve better than that. Don’t stay in a relationship that doesn’t feel good. I mean, sure, all relationships have some adjustments that have to be made, but abuse of any sort is a no no.

kids in mountains

If you are living in a place where too many of the things above are not in alignment with you, it’s time to make some changes. Bashar says to start with the “now”. If you have a choice between doing two things – even if it’s doing laundry or doing dishes – do the thing you like better. Always. In every moment, do the thing you like better. I promise you, things will start shifting and you’ll start noticing more choices that are the things you like better.

Right now, I’m enjoying my shift process. I’m in Colorado doing fun things with my family. (Again, all expenses paid. What?!) When I’m at home I enjoy going out for coffee (tea for me) and long visits with my “weirdo” friends – who I know I can be 100% myself with. And sometimes I choose gardening over laundry because laundry is not my favorite. Or I write a blog post instead of doing dishes because dishes have never been my favorite.

So go practice being in alignment. Remember who you are, not who everyone else thinks you should be. Because it’s really important for the world that you be 100% yourself. And also, your life will be so much more fun.


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