Dear Ones,

We can see that the density on your planet has kept certain awarenesses from your attention. We can see that you have been so focused on survival for eons of time. We would tell you that the density on your planet, as we have stated, has been lifting for a number of years. And now, the density has lifted to the degree that you have access to more of your true nature. You have access to what you would call certain gifts, and you will now be able to use these gifts.

We have stated before that if you play in these new gifts, you can begin to manifest exciting changes. We will also tell you that now you can manifest them especially rapidly. In the coming years we will be explaining, through various channels and beings, what those gifts are and how to access, use and amplify them. You have abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis and clairvoyance. These you know of and have seen examples of their usage. 

You have many other gifts we will be sharing as well. Things you may not have yet considered – such as the ability to change events from any point in time. Not just changing the future from the present, but changing the past or the present from the future, or changing the present from the future or the past. We will call this chronography (in the sense of mapping time) or chronokenesis (in the sense of moving time). 

And so, as you ponder how this world will change in the coming years – and it will change rapidly – we ask you to keep in mind that you will be enhancing your already existing gifts and using them to make this current world, this timeline you are on, into the version of New Earth or heaven on Earth that you have been dreaming of. We and many others have been and will continue to be here to help you in your creation.

And we thank you.


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