Dear Ones,

When we have clarity around an issue it is because we can see 360 degrees of it. We know that you do not have quite that degree of ability there, but you are gaining more and more as time passes for you. This is why more and more of you are able to connect to your higher selves, higher collectives, or other dimensional collectives, we would say.

When you align with your other dimensional selves, you can access the same level of clarity as that collective or other-self has. This is why we have encouraged you for so long to “go within”.

Now is the time when many of you are at a point where you are shedding the old parts of your lives that no longer reflect who you really are. You are adopting new ways of being and new ways of making decisions. Part of your new way is to connect with all of the parts of yourself.

All of the parts include your other dimensional selves (those parts that are at the level of “evolution” beyond the one you now perceive in your current life). You also have access to other Earth lifetimes where you have learned lessons and had experiences that can help you in your current life. And finally, you have access to other lifetimes on other “planets”, so to speak. However, the information learned in those places may not be as relatable to you now as your other Earth lives.

And so, going forward – and especially in the current time – we remind you that you have all you need within you. And within you is access to all of your other experiences – throughout all time. We know that some of you have difficulty accessing these experiences. But we would say the easiest way is to release expectations and simply clear away the “clutter” of your current life going on in your mind. When you quiet your mind, you can listen and wait. And when you do this, you will begin to hear and know your other-selves.

We hope this helps you today.

And we thank you.

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