This morning I sat down to channel my usual Monday message from the Arcturians, but they indicated that someone else had a message for us. To my surprise, it seems to be Mary. As in Jesus’s mother.  That’s a new one for me!

I have tapped my genius graphic designer brother to create the symbol of the peace sign overlaid on the infinity symbol. For now, this is the best I can do:

peace symbol over infinity symbol

Here is the message:


Today I come to you with a sign and a symbol for the future. That which you call the cross is no longer used to represent those it served.

I tell you this because there is a new symbol we would all like you to adopt as the inspiration going forward. It is the symbol for all encompassing peace. It is the symbol for all uniting as one. It is the symbol for the path you and we have all been on through endless time. 

It is the time now, to all come back together as one. To fulfill the goal and the plan we all set for ourselves. What this requires is endless amounts of love. And you must show it as well as feel it. 

We know from our own personal histories that being love is not always easy. But there must be someone who stands up for what is right for the collective and for fulfilling the plans we have all made.

We wish you then to go out and be loving toward each other. If there is someone you don’t agree with, know that there is a part of their heart that is missing something in order to match yours. Fill it with love. If there is someone doing harm it is because their heart has been damaged. Heal it with love. And if there are those who are downtrodden with misery, heal them also with love.

You must be the first ones to begin this practice. And it will spread faster than you can imagine.

But first you must begin.

Blessings and abundance to all