Dear Ones,

We would speak to you today about how you enjoy spending your lives.

We would say that in the current times, you would wish for more openness in the way you live. Not only in your ability to move about freely without fear or worry, but in a more honest way than you are currently experiencing. You want honesty from all people in all places on earth – from your family to your politicians.

We can advise you that if you begin to examine your speech and the thoughts and intentions behind them, you will have the opportunity to be more honest in your expression. You will realize there are still quite a few ways in which you are not being honest or true to yourself in so many of your everyday interactions.

And so, we would advise that when you do focus your attention on what you say – and whether or not you really want or mean what it is you have said – you will start to shift your speech. It will become a more heart-centered expression and it will take some adjustment. 

Humans are taught to say only what is acceptable. It is now time to express what is in your heart. When you do this, you will see more of it around you in your outer life and experiences. Your life will feel much more beautiful and open.

We think you will find this feels much better and much more “normal” to you. And as we have stated, it will take some time to adjust to this new way of being and feeling.

As always we are here in support of you, so ask for help in this task, if you need it, and we will be there with you.

And we thank you.