Today The Guides of The Guides (new for me!) came through and explained a little bit about the potential we are when we aren’t physical.


Those of you on Earth are seeking an answer to any question surrounding misfortune or suffering. We can tell you that (in your current state) your intention is to work out how to ease or cease that suffering for yourselves. 

If you wanted a physical life in which there was no suffering, you would not have incarnated here, or you would not have accepted an “assignment” here. There are some of you here who are simply a support to others. Those ones of you know the way through suffering to come to a place where you do not suffer any longer. Many of you believe you are one of those. We will tell you it is yet a small percentage of “helpers” there. Most of you are navigating your way through and seeking these helpers in order to learn.

What is the purpose of learning this in a physical vessel?

We will tell you that your “natural” state is neutral pure potential energy. As a neutral potential energy, or NPE, the natural tendency is to use that potential in some way. Therefore, over infinities of time and dimension, different “strands” of NPE go forth and create new ways to use that potential. 

One of the ways that have developed is Earth and the physical existence there. This is a very complex system of interwoven potentials that interact with, overlap, and redirect other portions of the NPE as a whole. And so, you could say that the purpose – in its simplest form – is to increase or decrease this potential.

potential energy graphOn a human level, your drive is this potential and you want to do something with it. To be stagnant feels “wrong” to you. And so you have created many systems, many relationships, and many items in order to move your energy. When you look at life through this perspective, we think you will see that the accomplishments of your life, however small, are a part of your core self and that they are all successes. 

And equally, deconstructing, or reducing potential is also successful – especially if that reduction is necessary to further increase your potential in moving forward again. For example, you build a small home and after living within it for some time you realize it is not the best configuration for you. You attempt to modify it, but eventually, you see that it would be more prudent to simply deconstruct it and use the pieces to build something that functions better for you. This is what you see around you now.

We think that if you see that the current deconstruction is simply a way to increase your potential in a much more useful way in the future, you will feel much less concerned and therefore suffer much less.

We could also recommend that a change of perspective in this manner might lead you to consider that there is no “good” or “evil” about change. There is only potential. When you hold this perspective you are less likely to suffer, and more likely to work as a whole in order to simply build the new structure that will serve your potential in a much more efficient way.

We are The Guides of The Guides and we have enjoyed sharing our potential with you.

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