A dream can be difficult to interpret on any regular day (especially mine), but this 11/11 dream was steeped in layers and metaphors. It felt different – like a message rather than my brain just processing stuff from the days and weeks before.

Last Year’s Dream

ascension dreamAbout a year ago I had an interesting dream that also felt like a message. In it, there were five beings including myself all on some sort of sled-like vehicle. There was also a guide or leader or teacher in front of the sled (who apparently didn’t need to be in the sled with us, as she managed to float just fine). The sky had levels of color in it: like a thick band of pink, a thick band of yellow, etc. Our guide was telling us that it was time to move up into another level. She said it might feel uncomfortable until we got used to it. I remember feeling like I was about to get on a roller coaster – that excited terror, you know? You know it’s just a ride, and you got on it on purpose, but it’s a little uncomfortable in a fun way. Well… for others it is.  I hate roller coasters. 🙂

Looking back, I understand that dream now. But, at the time I didn’t fully get it. I feel the same way about the dream I had last week. I think I sort of understand it, but I’ve been going over it and over it and trying to pick apart the layers and metaphors. Wherever this dream came from and whoever sent it did a bang up job of loading it full and making sure I remembered most of it. I wrote down everything I remembered as soon as I woke up.

This Year’s 11/11 Dream

So, here’s what happened in the dream: I was in front of this row of beautiful, old, historic homes. They were on a bit of an incline and had small retaining walls with landscaping in front of them. I was working on pulling the weeds away from the landscaping for all of the houses on that row. It was easy work, and I loved doing it. In fact, I was volunteering. One of the new owners came out and I was asking him about his retaining wall. It looked like they were tearing it out or it had fallen over. I noticed there were some bricks that looked new (but still maintaining the style of the time period) going back in. He told me they were reproductions and that he was hoping to keep everything as close to original as he could. Later, he went inside and brought me an open bottle of some very expensive Scotch. He wanted me to have something to show me how valuable he thought I was – clearing those weeds away.

I also remember him telling me that something new was being built nearby that would increase the value of all of the homes. He said he had seven days to close on his house before the value went up.

Old Recurring Dreams

11/11 dream clearing weedsFor the past year or two I have had a recurring dream. I visit a place where I used to live and discover that the flowers I had planted had grown and were gorgeous and huge. I sometimes didn’t even remember planting any flowers at all. Sometimes the places I revisited had weeds growing up between the flowers as if the new owners didn’t even notice there were flowers there and they hadn’t tried to maintain the gardens.

I like to think that these dreams mean I have planted seeds (actions, thoughts, kind words and deeds) of beautiful things everywhere I’ve gone and that a whole lot of them have grown and flourished from my efforts (which I don’t always even remember). So now I get a dream where I’m actually clearing weeds. Not from my own garden, but from a whole row of other people’s homes.

I suddenly got a little rhyme in my head:

First you plant seeds, then you clear weeds. 

Part Two

In the second part of the dream, I was holding a baby girl. There was a fountain and I was holding onto her while putting her in the water as if it were a pool. Unfortunately, it was really cold water and she didn’t like it. She cried. I wanted to hold her, but I didn’t have a towel, so I was trying to figure out how to comfort her while holding her away from me. Eventually she wanted to go back into the water and was laughing and splashing around.

Part Three

At this point in my dream journal I had written “Later, all of us were lining up for a photo because we hadn’t been able to do it earlier”. I’m not sure who “all of us” refers to. I remember there were between 25 and 40 people standing there for the photo. After the photo, we all laid down on the ground to sleep because we were so tired. I was near a wall and had a pillow and remember thinking how glad I was for that. Then I suddenly realized we couldn’t go to sleep – we had to go to work. So even though it would have felt so good to just drift off to sleep, I forced myself to get up and rouse everyone else and remind them we had work to do.

Spiritual Interpretation

11/11 dream planting seedsI’m not going to address all of the aspects of the dream. But, for the flowers and weeds part of the dream, I interpret those as meaning I have spent my life so far planting seeds for beautiful things to grow – without even realizing that’s what I was doing. Now it’s time for me to clear the weeds away from the foundations of the lives of whole groups of people. Because something big is coming that is going to make the places where they live more valuable or meaningful. I have no idea what that big thing is, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

The child in the fountain, to me, represents us – here on Earth. Put here by our caretakers who maybe didn’t realize how uncomfortable it really is here. We’re absolutely connected to them – they are holding onto us (they are us) – but they can’t pull us out because then we won’t adjust. And laugh. I could go on a whole other tangent here about how I think we need more communication “up the line” about how things really feel when we’re here on Earth. I wonder if when we are “home”, we fully grasp this. I don’t think we can hold on to the negative emotions and feelings when we’re there, so it’s harder to be a guide for people coming to Earth. Just a thought.

I think the group of people who were tired and wanted to sleep is us – those who are helping to try to raise the vibration of the whole world by living as close as we can to love. That sounds so hokey now that I type it, but I mean, we’re trying to live the way we want the world to be rather than how a lot of people see it. Anyway, it gets so exhausting going through the drama of everyday life and trying not to become a part of it. It would be so much easier to just go back to sleep. But no. We have work to do. This is what we signed up for. Apparently I’m the one in my group who needs to remind everyone to wake up and keep going.

So, wake up, my tribe! Time to get back to work. We’ll get a rest later. I bet we’ll be so pleased with what we’ve accomplished when our time is up. Stay strong warrior souls. I’m right there with ya.