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5 Secrets You Never Knew About Manifesting Your Ideal Body

In this revolutionary book you’ll learn:

  • The truth about food
  • What really controls your weight and state of health
  • What message your body is trying to send
  • The cultural programs that may lead to your weight gain
  • Innovative ways to change your old habits
  • What you need to do to transform your body and your life to be what you really want it to be

Includes a link to a FREE weight loss hypnosis audio for enhanced results.

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Natural Ways to Regrow Hair After Childbirth, Trauma, or Stress

In this quick and easy-to-read book you’ll discover:

  • The unusual treatment approved by the FDA in 2004, which few people have ever heard of
  • The top homeopathic remedies that really work
  • The vitamins and supplements which have been scientifically researched to be the most effective for hair regrowth and why
  • 6 ayurvedic and “out there” methods to try without even touching your hair or scalp
  • How to craft your own plan for hair regrowth – customized to your needs and lifestyle

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The Sunny Side of Life With Kids

“Don’t put mac n cheese in my nose okay?”
~ Ben, age 3
“When our kids first start to talk, they tend to say the funniest, strangest and most confounding things. And the hilarious hits just keep coming as they grow and try to make sense of their world. Amanda Shertzer actually thought to write all this craziness down! I love this collection of quotes and art courtesy of her three kids: Ben, Jack and Emma. Ready to laugh and recall some of the insane things your own kids said? Read this and LOL ASAP.” ~ Shannon Magsam