Dear Ones,

We would like to address a topic of concern for many of you at this time. Namely that of the discord that you believe is ravaging your planet as we speak.

We would tell you that there is never a conflict or event in which there isn’t a lesson to be learned and a benefit to be gained from it all.

It is, and has often been, that out of humanity’s darkest moments come the brightest lights. And this time is no exception. What often happens when there is a “minor” catastrophe on your planet such as a weather related “disaster”? We see that those who are not involved in the disaster in any way often rally around those who are affected. You send food and supplies, you send money, you donate blood. 

You do so much for each other in times of relatively minor hardship for the collective. So you can imagine what is going on when the entire world is involved. There are so many who are, right now, coming up with new systems that will help people in every aspect of your daily lives. From education to poverty to healthcare. And those who were the least valued in your societies are getting noticed as being the very most important.

It is the inequalities you have lived with for so long being brought to the surface for everyone to acknowledge. And there are so many who are already creating solutions. This is something that, over the next 5 to 10 years, will reshape your society. In addition to this, because there is such a rush to help people, there will be new “cures” for so many of the diseases you have suffered with. 

And so, we wish for you to focus on the rainbow that is going to be showing up out of this storm. And in the meantime, we will be sending our support to you as you traverse this difficult time on your planet.

As always, we are with you and in support of you.

And we thank you.


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