Are you all feeling the transformational energies right now? They are hitting me hard. I can see that I’m going to get everything I’ve ever wanted, but that I have to go through a process to get there. Not sure how long that will take, and it’s both scary and so, so exciting!


We are here and we would like to speak to you today about the phenomenon happening on your planet at this time. Huge transformational energies are upon you. For many of you, this is a frightening feeling because you are unsure of the direction in which you will be going. But we would tell you that the transformation is positive for all.

What we mean is that if you are being guided to a different situation or location, it is in your highest best interest to do so. Many of you have come to big new understandings about yourself and how you want to express yourself in the world. You knew this change was coming and you have been preparing for it although you may not have realized it.

When you embark upon a new path, it can feel disconcerting. You often wonder if you are doing the right things, thinking the right things, behaving in the right ways, and making the right choices. We can tell you that your inner guidance is the best reference at this time.

We would also tell you that you can sometimes be confused by your ego-self (or 3D self). And so, to know that you are receiving messages from your higher self, be sure and get into the proper mindset and align yourself with love and gratitude. You can do this easily by remembering a time when you were grateful or loving, or when you saw an act of gratitude or love. In this way, you are aligning with the frequency of your higher self and not your 3D self.

There are many exciting times ahead that you will feel fully aligned within your soul. We wish for you to remember this as you go through these transitions in your life.

As always, we are here in support of you.

And we thank you.

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Light Therapy Recommendations

Blue light – kills bacteria & skin cancers (photodynamic therapy), good for facials, helps fight depression.
Red light – repairs mitochondria, helps scar healing, reduces pain and inflammation, good for hair growth.