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Since 2015, I’ve been channeling messages from a group I identify as the Arcturians (a higher dimensional collective consciousness not currently embodied in the physical). My channelings include messages on how to live your life in an easier, more joyful way with less stress, less drama, and less chaos. They help you navigate life by looking at things from a different perspective, and you will definitely notice a change in yourself and how you experience life!

Short, channeled messages are shared every Monday morning on YouTube (transcripts are also posted on my website) as well as on the major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Radio Public and more.

Currently, you can see my channelings on YouTube or on Patreon.

Amanda has a wonderful gift! All her channeled messages for me have been extremely relevant, insightful, and very, very loving. She has provided (through her ‘team’) some much-needed context and depth to help me clarify many issues I had been struggling with. This spiritual journey is not an easy one and Amanda’s messages have helped tremendously and I am very, very grateful to both her and her ‘Team.’ Gifts aside, she is also just a wonderful person and I am very grateful to have met her.

Elizabeth Brown

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Wisdom From Within, Offered With Love (Channeled)

Wisdom From Within, Offered With Love (Channeled)

Dear Ones, We would like to take this opportunity to tell you how well you are doing there. We know your life has many challenges and many layers you have to “get through” in order to connect to your ultimate truth: that you are there to serve mankind. We can tell you...

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Eliminating Negative Polarity – How To Trigger “The Event”

Eliminating Negative Polarity – How To Trigger “The Event”

If you haven’t yet heard the term “The Event” in the context of spirituality (and I would be surprised if you haven’t) I’ll give you the definition as I understand it. The Event is a happening in which a great love sweeps over the planet, removing negative polarity or...

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Your Mission And Purpose At This Time (Channeled)

Your Mission And Purpose At This Time (Channeled)

Dear Ones, Today we would speak to you of a habit that you all have that we feel does not really benefit you. We would speak to you on how to replace that habit with one that will help you more easily achieve your goals and what you most want for yourselves. This new...

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