You are always connected, Dear One,

We tell you this because many of you believe it takes an ascended beingness to connect to your higher aspects, meditate, or channel. It is not so. You encompass all aspects of your multidimensional selves. You are like “the ocean in a drop” as it is said. And you have access to all of it at any time. You do not have to be in an enlightened state. You do not have to abstain from physical pleasures. You ARE all of it. And you always have been.

When you endeavor to embody those “principles” and ways of being lived by your “higher aspects”, it is beneficial to understand how they are encompassed within you. As we stated, all of the fractals of all of your “selves” in every life you have ever or will ever live have fractals or are encoded into your current being. This is how you are able to access other lifetimes – through spontaneous memories, dreams, and hypnosis. Or course, it is also because you are always connected to The All, and The All contains all the information as well. In fact, you would get clearer information connecting with The All than through your physical self – as encoded as it is.

It is like having the keys in your pocket to unlock all of your other existences. And though you see them as sequential, they all happen in The Now. We know that NOW is a difficult concept to grasp from your perspective. We would liken it to shifting your attention from one page in a book to another page “out of order”. The entire book is there, but you do not have to experience it sequentially.

Now, it has been requested that we speak of how to hold the principles and ways of being from higher experiences and still walk in this 3/4D human one. We would say that it helps greatly to take moments out of your day to re-center. You know how to do this. It is found in meditation, nature, art, music, etc. It is the flow state and the Now Moment.

When you bring yourself back to the present, you come back to the principles of the states you are after. The more you do this, of course, the more time you spend feeling more in alignment with your greater selves – all the parts that know and have experienced more than your current experience (or human) has. And the more you perform these small moments of flow or meditation, the more they spill into your other moments. Until finally, you are living mainly in the present and with the higher ways of being present as well.

And so, we hope this helps you maintain a more balanced approach to life in transition – where you are both shifting into a new aspect of being (as a human) and awakening to knowing who you really are. You are love.

We are here with you.

And we thank you.

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