Dear Ones,

As we speak to you today, we are aware of the “wars” going on there. We would like to speak to you about how you can end all wars in one step.

When your attention is constantly being drawn to the wrongs being committed, you are allowing yourselves to be in a state of fear or anger. We see also that you are holding states of compassion, and that is closer to what will end all wars.

You know that the people making the decisions to be at war are holding fear. Anyone who wants more land, more control, more security, is a fearful person. When you put aside what that person is creating and simply see the fear, you can counter it. If you saw a fearful child, you would want to soothe their fears. And although you do not always see adults as being fearful, the corresponding opposite of fear is what that being needs.

Now, we are aware that you know that the opposite of fear is love. And we also know that it is difficult for you to understand that sending love to a person who is doing something you consider wrong also seems like the wrong thing to do. How can you send love to someone who is harming others? But we will tell you that the only way to counter fear, anger, hatred, and other harmful emotions is with love (and also with light).

If you think in terms of a dark room with a terrified child sitting within, you can easily see how lighting a candle or turning on a light switch will instantly take away most of the child’s fears. There is no more darkness and it will take a little bit of love to bring the child back into a “positive” state. So it is with any adult in the “dark”.

And so, the only way to end all wars in one step is to send love and the light of All That Is to the beings who are angry and fearful. It only takes a small percentage of you doing this to make a dramatic change in your world.

We hope you will take the initiative. As always, we are here in service to you.

And we thank you.


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